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Michael King mking at
Thu Apr 21 13:04:27 EDT 2005

Squirrelmail has a feature to create its special folders on first login.
That's probably what has happened, in this case.

Just my guess. :)


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> > I don't think so.  I created to users, I logged in initially as user1 in
> > Eudora and user2 in Squirrelmail.  Both had the same folder names
> > created.  That leads me to believe it is in cyrus somewhere.  My
> > imapd.conf doesn't mention the mailbox names anywhere.
> Nope.  As one of the maintainers of Cyrus, I'll repeat what others have
> told you.  An unmodified Cyrus server does NOT create any mailboxes on
> its own.  An admin has to create the INBOX (user.<userid>) and any other
> mailboxes are usually created by the client (either explicitly or
> implicitly by the user).
> There is an "autocreate" patch for Cyrus floating around which can be
> configured to create additional mailboxes when an admin creates an
> INBOX.  You might want to see if your source/distro has been patched.

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