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Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Apr 21 12:06:16 EDT 2005

Joseph Brennan wrote:

> We are converting to Cyrus later this year.
> We're currently trying to figure out how to organize non-personal
> mailboxes.  Many departments and divisions like to have incoming
> mailboxes for official mail to the unit, and we'd like to keep that
> separate from any one user's mailbox.
> They usually ask for a user account and want to share the password.
> But as a single user, they'd not be able to track what each person
> has seen, and any person could delete and expunge.  This might
> possibly work for two or three people sharing a job duty, where
> essentially as long as one of them has seen and acted on a message,
> the others don't need to see it.
> But in many cases what they really want to do is direct mail for
> some project or function to its own mailbox, and then get everyone
> to be able to read all the messages.  So sharing with acl's is more
> appropriate.
> It seems like we'd want to set up a base mailbox per department,
> and set acl's so that some few people per department can manage
> a tree starting there.  These few would be able to move messages
> around, delete and expunge, create and destroy sub-mailboxes, etc.
> We'd like to make it easy for each unit to manipulate this and not
> have to submit a request to us.
> Is it better to do this in "user." space or public folder space?
> We can see pros and cons to each, but we have no experience to draw
> on.  What is actually being done on Cyrus systems, and how well
> does it work?

I'd say that the public folder space makes the most sense.

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