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Amos info-cyrus at
Mon Apr 25 09:46:17 EDT 2005

Derrick J Brashear wrote:
> Well, there's also the possibility as we discussed in October that your 
> mta is passing (too) long (to be compliant) lines to cyrus, and the 
> logic doesn't distinguish and prints the same error.

FYI, WebCT (Campus Edition) also triggers this problem.

If an instructor has their WebCT mail forwarded to their Cyrus account, 
and a student posts a message containing a huge attachment within WebCT 
for that instructor, upon delivery to Cyrus that message will blow up as 
you describe. I found out that WebCT encoded such attachments as one 
long line and not nicely folded text like most clients do. I reported 
the problem to them and they said it would be addressed in some future 
release, but don't know when.


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