auth ldap, creating folders automatically for new users

Christos Soulios soulbros at
Mon Apr 25 10:50:20 EDT 2005

Because current patch implementation is not compatible with MURDER

It is within our intentions to make the patch complete and finally have it
included in the main cyrus source tree.


Thomas Bolioli said:
This has probably been covered before but why is this still a patch and
not a bona fide option in the main distribution? It seems like it is
something many people would want. I know I do at least.

Andreas Hasenack wrote:

>On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 01:34:05PM +0200, Sueveges Gyoergy wrote:
>>Hi all,
>> I use LDAP for authentication to cyrus (actually for saslauthd). I
>>noticed when there is a new user on my ldap, altough I can login to
>> cyrus,
>>there are no  folders created. I think it is the default behaviour of
>>cyrus. How can I change it so that also folders (inbox, sent,..) are
>You need to apply the autocreate patch from
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Did you visit

Cyrus Home Page:
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