Virtual host help - users on virtual domains can't authenticate

Anthony Tibbs anthony-list at
Sun Apr 24 22:59:01 EDT 2005

What command did you use to add the user to the saslpasswd2 database?  It 
should be something like this I believe...

saslpasswd2 -u -c user

(At least for me, adding them as saslpasswd -c user at didn't 

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>I have cyrus authenticating via sasldb, and all works well for local 
>domains. However, "virtual" domains don't work.
> My DNS for all the "virtual" domains point to my server. In cyradm, I 
> created a mailbox for user at, where is the primary 
> domain. I then added a password using saslpasswd2. Using imtest, I can 
> authenticate user at correctly. However, user at fails: 
> no user found.

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