8-bit characters in headers

Igor Belikov belikoviv at is.ua
Thu Apr 28 10:12:38 EDT 2005

Hello info-cyrus,

  I'm completely tired by stupid users that violate RFC and send
  e-mails with 8-bit characters in headers. I can do nothing with
  those users, so our customers permanently receive some amount of
  mail from "XXXXX" to "XXXXX" with subject "XXXXX XXXXX".

  After all I make patch, that adds option "ignore8bit" into
  imapd.conf. If this option set to "true" - Cyrus don't pay attention
  to 8-bit characters in headers at all, and our customers receive
  readable from, to and subject fields. If this option set to false or
  omitted - Cyrus do as before (as without this patch) and make its
  job directed by "reject8bit" option.

  So I want to know to whom I must send that patch to see it in next
  release of Cyrus.

Best regards,
 Igor                          mailto:belikoviv at is.ua

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