8-bit characters in headers

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh hmh at debian.org
Thu Apr 28 11:33:18 EDT 2005

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Igor Belikov wrote:
>   After all I make patch, that adds option "ignore8bit" into
>   imapd.conf. If this option set to "true" - Cyrus don't pay attention
>   to 8-bit characters in headers at all, and our customers receive
>   readable from, to and subject fields. If this option set to false or
>   omitted - Cyrus do as before (as without this patch) and make its
>   job directed by "reject8bit" option.
>   So I want to know to whom I must send that patch to see it in next
>   release of Cyrus.

To the bitbucket, it will not be accepted.

What you *have* to do to get such a thing accepted is to, instead, write
something that *fixes* the headers with the following capabilities:

1. Notion of a default source charset, which is a hint of the charset to
   encode *from* (because the input data does not have that information)
2. Either a configurable destination charset, or use UTF-8 (I would much
   rather you went the full way and made it configurable, I believe at
   least the CJK people would appreciate that a lot).
3. Functionality:
   3.1:  Detect illegal 8-bit in headers, and apply the correction
         algorithm described below (configurable)
   3.2:  Pass-through any non-8bit headers.
   3.3:  Reject messages with 8-bit headers.

Algo for charset conversion:

Step 1:  Look for certain hints of charsets, to try do determine the
  correct source charset: UTF signatures, ISO-2022 escape sequences, etc.

Step 2:  If not found, use the default source charset.

Step 3:  Verify if the input sequence is *100% valid and correct* in the
  choosen/detected charset.  If it is not, reject the message.

Step 4:  Convert to the destination charset (option: detected
  charset, configured destination charset), and RFC-2047 encode the

This needs to be done *before* any sieve processing, etc.

So far, nobody that keeps complaining about the "X" things has taken the
time to do the above.

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