Migrating from courier to cyrus

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Wed Sep 8 20:15:34 EDT 2004

Gerald Drouillard wrote:

> Maykel Moya wrote:
>>> Christiano Anderson wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I am trying to migrate a server with 10K accounts under courier Imapd
>>>> to Cyrus. I have got the imapmigrate from
>>>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/cyrus-utils/, but while I start the
>>>> script, it creates only empty folders. No messages are migrated to
>>>> Cyrus.
>> Can you comment some thoughts on what make you to change from courier to
>> cyrus ?
> For me, the driving force is that most of the groupware products (Kolab, 
> etc.) require it.  It appears that the shared folders in Cyrus, is what 
> Cyrus does better than most of the other IMAP servers.  I could never 
> get courier's shared folders to work consistently with all the users.  I 
> sure hope it works better in Cyrus.  On the other hand, I personally 
> like the Maildir's of courier rather than Cyrus and courier has been 
> very reliable with many concurrent users and large email accounts.

The main reason *should* be that Courier isn't IMAP compliant (its 
IMAP-like, but not complaint per RFC 3501), and the author has no 
intention of making it so.

There are plenty of threads on mailing lists and newsgroups which 
discuss this.

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