Missing quota

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Wed Sep 8 20:18:45 EDT 2004

Nikola Milutinovic wrote:

> Hi all.
> I had a working Cyrus IMAP 2.2.8 a couple of weeks ago. That being a 
> test box, I haven't really used it and I was busy setting up AMaViS on 
> it. Now, after two weeks of fiddling, I have AMaViS working, but now 
> Cyrus beltches on me:
> Sep  8 15:25:16 Papa-Legba lmtpunix[227446]: executed
> Sep  8 15:25:20 Papa-Legba lmtpunix[227446]: accepted connection
> Sep  8 15:25:20 Papa-Legba lmtpunix[227446]: lmtp connection preauth'd 
> as postman
> Sep  8 15:25:20 Papa-Legba lmtpunix[227446]: verify_user(user.nikola) 
> failed: Quota root does not exist
> "cyradm" also reports this. Mailbox is there and it used to recieve 
> mails. "cyradm" can list it no problem.
> What is the (hopefully) quick fix for this? Blowing away all mailboxes 
> (all two of them) is acceptable at this stage. I do notice that quota DB 
> file is missing - it did not get created automagically, like all other 
> DB files.

Somehow you have a quotaroot set on the mailbox (the quotaroot is listed 
in cyrus.header of the mailbox), but the quotaroot file doesn't exist 
(there isn't even a /var/opt/Cyrus-IMAP-2.2.8/config/quota directory).

Try running:

quota -f user.nikola

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