cyrus-imapd appears dead

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Fri Sep 3 20:45:58 EDT 2004

Am Sa, den 04.09.2004 schrieb Michael Ballard um 2:07:

> System: Fedora Core 2

> My problem is simple. cyrus-imapd doesn't appear to be working. With all my config files as they are, I receive
> E-mail, but must use Webmin or SSH to check it. I can't get it through IMAP. Mozilla Mail reports no messages
> on the server. Squirrelmail reports:
> ERROR : Could not complete request.
> Query: CREATE "mail/Sent"
> Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name"

You obviously have more than 1 problem. One is that Sendmail is not
configured correctly. I told you already the correct entries. Why don't
you did set them properly?

dnl #define(`confLOCAL_MAILER', `cyrusv2')dnl
dnl #define(`confLOCAL_MAILER_PATH', `/etc/mail/')
dnl #define(CYRUSV2_MAILER_ARGS', FILE /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp')dnl

Who told you that? The first line is correct. The second line does not make any sense. The third line is false and must lead
to complaints by m4 when generating the

dnl (`CYRUSV2_MAILER_ARGS', `FILE /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp')dnl

Pay attention to proper parentheses.

> I've used cyradm to create the mailboxes user.baleful and user.mballard and all the others, but same error all across.
> I've tried making user.baleful.Sent and that returns the same error in Squirrelmail.

It would be of much more help if you would post syslog messages by
Cyrus-IMAPd then by Squirrelmail. If you have problems to set up
Squirrelmail then this is the false forum.

> What I originally had was Fedora Core 1 with uw-imap, and it worked. Only problem was that I couldn't figure out smtp
> relaying (based on authentication). From what I understood, I needed this cyrus-imapd and cyrus-sasl thinggy...which
> have been implemented into FC2. So I figure, hey! No problem, now it will all work right! But it never has.

That is wrong. Cyrus-IMAPd is not needed for SMTP AUTH. You have to
differ between Cyrus-IMAPd and Cyrus SASL. The last one is needed by
Sendmail to offer SMTP AUTH.

> When I tweak my file and include the lines that are commented out by
> dnl #Added by baleful for cyrus-imapd
> I get no mail at all. I can still send, but cannot receive. Then I take those lines back out, and get my E-mail again.

See what I wrote above.

> I don't know if I'm being very clear or not, but I hope I am, because I'm at my wits' end with this; and I start school soon,
> which will be grueling enough.

First correct the Sendmail setup, so that Sendmail and Cyrus-IMAPd are
really communicating. If that is not enough then post an URL with
logfile entries showing the error messages by Sendmail and/or
Cyrus-IMAPd, not Squirrelmail.


P.S. Do you really need Cyrus-IMAPd? I feel you are a better candidate
for dovecot which ships with Fedora as well and is easier to set for
people with few experiences.

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