cyrus-imapd appears dead

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Sat Sep 4 15:43:59 EDT 2004

Am Sa, den 04.09.2004 schrieb Michael Ballard um 20:12:

> OK, fixed the file (posted it on my URL)...still the same thing though. So I tried E-mailing myself from
> my hotmail account, and it's stuck in the mail queue.
> Executed from my /var/log/ directory:
> [root at thesewer log]# tail maillog
> [root at thesewer log]# tail imapd.log
> [root at thesewer log]# tail messages
> So I seem to have not log entries...

Second log file is not any default named specified in /etc/syslog.conf.

I fear you completely hosed your system.


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