cyrus-imapd appears dead

Michael Ballard baleful at
Sat Sep 4 21:26:21 EDT 2004

Alexander Dalloz <alexander.dalloz at> wrote ..
> [ snipped all previous content, because posting style with new content
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> I give up. If even the messages syslog file is missing now serious
> things are broken now. As you seem to be not very experienced and
> reading documentation did not lead you straight on the correct path - I
> took me no 30 minutes to setup Sendmail and Cyrus-IMAPd on FC2 without
> any complications -, I think you better restart with a fresh install and
> choose the default dovecot. It works right out of the box. This is no
> comment against Cyrus-IMAPd - I love this IMAP server for it's features
> and power.
> Alexander
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Yah, sorry about that, had to reply to that one straight from the mail queue, good ol' copy-paste...

Well shit. What I would have to do, for a fresh install, ugh...3 hour drive each way to get to my server...would take a weekend...I MIGHT be able to do it...

I think I'll try that, I think I've about got it all figured out, and can do it right this time..I think where i screwed up must have been somewhere in the compiling...Or from the upgrade from FC1, as it never seemed to work right since then..

Thanks for trying to help, though! I guess it's all in my hands now...

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