Cyrus, NFS and mail spools

Marco Colombo marco at
Thu Sep 16 10:56:28 EDT 2004

Terry.Poperszky wrote:
> With Courier, I have the ability to spread access to the mail spool 
> directory across several incoming smtp servers, is Cyrus able to do 
> something similar? What I am referring too, is having multiple incoming 
> email servers, with their mail spools being NFS mounts to a single box 
> using Maildir format, access to which is served by courier Imap. This 
> configuration belongs to a local ISP and I am looking at porting it to 
> my corporate network, but I want to look at other options than Courier.
> Thanks

Is NFS a requirement? If you need to split the SMTP part, you can run
multiple instances of any SMTP server (e.g. sendmail), all of them
delivering mail via LMTP to a single server running Cyrus. Cleaner, much 
more efficent and scalable, IMHO.

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