migrate mail from Gordano mail server

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at surfnet.nl
Tue Sep 7 18:51:28 EDT 2004


Chad A. Prey wrote:

>We are currently running a mail server called Gordano which is no longer
>sufficient for our needs and we're trying to migrate the mail from
>Gordano to Cyrus-IMAP. 
>We've written some perl scripts to handle putting the mail into Cyrus
>IMAP compliant directories...it works great. Now we need a system to set
>the state flags.
>I don't expect anyone else to have experience with Gordano...I just need
>to know what is in the state databases and what format so I can have a
>perl script create them for me.
Isn't it easier to write an IMAP interface to put your messages in the 
cyrus store? There are various perl modules for that, and you can set 
flags with them as well...


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