Refresh of Cyrus Murder Frontends

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Sep 8 07:45:36 EDT 2004

Bernd Helmle wrote:
> Our Cyrus Murder Configuration works lika a charm now (thanks to Ken 
> again), but one problem is still flying through the air: a Murder 
> frontend server seems only to be synced when it is restarted. Thats 
> weird, since i want a group of users only to use the frontend servers, 
> but after creating a mailbox it only becomes visible when the frontend 
> servers are restarted. Is there a way of doing this without restarting 
> the frontends? I still can allow the users to connect to their 'real' 
> backends, but for a group of users, this is not the way we want to go 
> (since the backends are in a private network segment).

When a new mailbox is created on a backend server, an entry should also 
get created on the mupdate master.  This should then be propagated to 
all of the mupdate slaves running on the frontends.  Double check your 
configs and make sure that you have mupdate services (non-master) 
running on the frontends.

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