SA via or procmail, spamc and postfix

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at
Wed Sep 8 08:13:10 EDT 2004


Since we want "per user userprefs" (stored in sql) we need to filter our 
mail with the "User" option passed through to spamd. Since amavis cannot 
do it's job here (it cannot provide all userpref options in sql), I 
think that we have two options left while using postfix:
- we can define a content-filter that delivers the mail to procmail, 
where the username is rewritten by a small perl script, the mail is 
piped through spamc and then fed to postfix again by forking the 
"sendmail" process with correct parameters;
- we can define as local transport and have it pass the 
mail through spamd and deliver it directly by lmtp

I'm not happy with procmail since it's a resource-eater sometimes, and 
we also two other processes (the perl script and postfix again), but I'm 
not sure if I'm happy with as well - it's python, seems to 
perform quite nice, but well - although it seems to work fine It's maybe 
not as mature as procmail in filtering and not an "as proven" method.

Any advise? (I'm slightly leaning towards the solution, 
since I think it's really ugly how we need several processes for 
delivery with procmail.)


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