Funding Cyrus High Availability

Lee lee_hoffman at
Fri Sep 17 02:25:28 EDT 2004

> mysql does not have multi-master functionality, and it's replication, 
> is quite honestly, a joke.  You may have mis-spoken and are talking 
> about the up-and-coming mysql cluster or the mysql max product (both 
> of which i'm much less familiar with).

Indeed i was talking about mysql cluster (which is now included with 
teh distro). Im pretty convinced having talked with some mysql peeps, 
that cluster will eventually (not too distant future) be VERY bullet 
proof. I just figured that writing cyrus to use mysql (or SQL SPEC) as 
a backend might kill two birds with one stone, and create a better 
general platforms for growth. None the less, id would love to see just 
replication is everyone if mysql back is out.


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