Funding Cyrus High Availability

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Fri Sep 17 16:28:08 EDT 2004

My biggest question here is, simply, why recreate what's already
out there?

There are a number of projects (LVM, PVFS) which do this kind of
replication/distribution/virtulization for filesystems.

There are a number of databases which have active/active clustering
(mysql, DB2, Oracle, et al) and master/slave.

Personally, I would LOVE to see a full RDBMS-backed system.  You
define your database(s) in the config file ... and that is all.  

All configuration options are stored on the central RDBMS.  All
mailboxes are stored there.  You can then rely 100% on the RDBMS
systems for clustering/failover/scalability/backing up ... all
datastorage domain problems which they have already addressed/solved.

If you want to scale out it's a matter of
1) install the cyrus software
2) Point the config file at the database server
3) Entry in the database server/cluster to allow the new frontend/proxy.
4) Fire up the daemons
5) Enjoy.

The other advantages would be very nice integration with other
applications which can query against databases. (ex: postfix directly
supports mysql lookups.)

But then, I can't afford to really help with this myself so take 
my thoughts with a big "hope" pill.  =D

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