Cyrus and custom imap flags

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Sep 13 09:26:10 EDT 2004

laacz wrote:
>   Hi!
>     I've been using cyrus as my imap server for a while and it works
>     damn good. But still I have one question I could not get Google to
>     answer.
>     Is there an option to enable some custom IMAP message flags?
>     I mean - now there are available only six flags defined (as in
>     RFC2060 - seen, answered, flagged, deleted, draft and recent).
>     I would like to give my users option to use some more. Like -
>     todo, done, and so on...
>     Is this possible?
>     I'm apologize, if answer to this question is covered somewhere I
>     overlooked. You could point me there though :)

The client is free to create any keyword that it likes.  The only 
restriction that Cyrus puts on this is that the client can NOT create 
new system flags (keyword cannot begin with '\').

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