Implementing a mailing list with cyrus

oliver.brockmann at oliver.brockmann at
Mon Sep 13 13:40:31 EDT 2004

I hope these questions are not quite too trivial but I
am not very familiar with cyrus yet...

I'd like to set up a mailing list via a shared folder
on a linux machine which runs the cyrus server. This
folder is to be used to push information to our
users and mail is forwarded to both local and external

What I want is control over the ability to post to
that folder (a.k.a list) only IT staff should be 
allowed to post. posts (and replies) from normal users
should be discarded.

Another point is the transfer of adresses into that
cyrus folder. There is a bunch of external adresses which
have to be "transferred". these originate from a win32
based MTA which is to be shut down in the near future and
reside in a plain text file - one adress per line.

How can I set this up? Thanks for any tips!

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