Usernames without alpha characters

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Sep 14 07:05:04 EDT 2004

> * Tore Anderson
>  >   Hi.  I've run into problems with usernames like "123" or "1_1".
>  >  What seems to be the common thing is that that none of them
>  > contains alphabetic characters.  Cyradm creates them just fine
>  > (although they for some reason is created under the "q" directory
>  > when using a hashed spool), and lmtpd delivers to them just fine.
> * Rob MacGregor
>  > AFAIK a trawl of the archives of this list should give you more
>  > info. I have a vague memory of a patch, but as you don't say what
>  > version of Cyrus you're using I can't be any more help...
>   Well, I did search the archives before posting, and did so again
>  right now without much luck.  The closest I get is a patch from 1998
>  which deals with a similar problem (usernames -starting- with digits).
>  Do you remember the subject of the thread you're referring to?
>   The version I'm using is 2.2.6.

Attached patch should do it.

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