Problem restoring cyrus environment on backup machine

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Wed Sep 15 13:52:33 EDT 2004

Am Mittwoch, 15. September 2004 18:43 schrieb Nathan Wiebe:

>  Hi, I've setup a Cyrus server (Invoca rpms 2.2.3) on RHEL 3.  I'm backing
> up all our email, and testing the restore on a second machine.
>  I'm having trouble authenticating users on the backup machine using
> sasl_pwcheck_method:auxprop (/etc/sasldb2).  When I try to authenticate
> agaist the imap server, my maillog tells me "... SASL(13): user not found:
> checkpass failed".  I've concluded this is because the realm/domain is
> different on the production and backup machines.  When I create a new user
> on the backup machine, in the same manner as on the production machine, it
> works just fine.  Of course sasldblistusers2 reports different realms for
> the users.
>  The part that I don't understatd is that I've turned on virtual domains
> in /etc/imapd.conf and I still can't authenticate as
> user at on the backup machine.
>  Am I missing something?

It is the "servername" Value in /etc/imapd.conf or if unset gethostname(2).

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