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Earl R Shannon ershanno at
Wed Sep 15 16:24:28 EDT 2004


I'd like to get some feedback on how people measure usage on thier
IMAP servers by their users/clients. Have you built any tools to
do this?  I have found and am looking over the logwatch stuff in
the wiki, but am curious about the possible existance of other tools,
and ways to actually define the measurement.

Here's some reasoning behind asking:
A shutdown needs to be done, but isn't an emergency. What is the best
time to do it that least impacts the users. ( Yeah sure, midnight ).
One way might be to count the logins that occur during a five minute
interval( or just some defined interval) over the course of the day.

Another might be to count how many are logged in at specified times 
during the day, say every x minutes.

So. Other ideas/thought/suggestions?

Earl Shannon
Systems Programmer ,Information Technology Division
NC State University.

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