About the 8bit in header.

Wang Penghui wangpenghui at realss.com
Fri Sep 24 23:53:13 EDT 2004

Hi all:

Sorry to ask this stupid question. Maybe this problem have been 
discussed for many times. But i really blind with it now.

I have a cyrus-imapd 2.2.3 installation in my server. And i found that 
many messages delivered to my mailbox with its header changed to 
"XXXXXX". I have STFW and RTFM for a long time. And i know  that it's a 
non-ascii problem.
But i don't know how to deal with it. Because my server is a running 
mail server. So recomplie is not permited. lots of the solutions is patch.
Could you pick me up with it?

What should i do with it now.

Every response is appreciated.

Thank in advacne

Wang Penghui
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