Cyrus POP3 Deadlocks in 2.1.16

Michael Sims michaels at
Mon Sep 27 12:24:01 EDT 2004

Michael Loftis wrote:
> Actually the deadlock seems to be pretty independent of the version
> because we had this happening back in 2.0 in a redhat system.  I
> can't find a trigger or any reason for it, POP3 just *STOPS* dead int
> eh water. Stopping all cyrus and restarting never helps, only way to
> get POP3 back is to reboot.

I hope you don't mind me shooting in the dark here...

Remember this thread:

Do you think it could be relevant?

What does the output of "netstat -anp" look like when this is happening?  How about
"lsof -ni TCP:pop3"?

We had a problem with our main mail server a few days ago with SMTP.  Clients would
connect but never get a banner.  Turns out that we had a lot of TCP connections
stuck in SYN_RECV, which was again caused by the network device mentioned in the
above thread.  Do you see anything like that in your netstat output?

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