Cyrus POP3 Deadlocks in 2.1.16

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Sep 27 21:15:33 EDT 2004

Michael Loftis wrote:
> --On Monday, September 27, 2004 09:44 -0700 "Kevin P. Fleming" 
> <kpfleming at> wrote:
>> This sounds EXACTLY like some other daemon is being started and is taking
>> the POP3 port away from Cyrus' "master" process. I'm not sure how this
>> would be possible, but it would depend on your OS and a lot of other
>> factors.
> Linux, Debian Woody/Stable....and no.  Cyrmaster notes it's taking the 
> connections and handing them off, spawning the pop3 processes (proxy or 
> not, doesn't matter) but they just never banner, and hang forever....

If you know for a fact that master is taking the connection and pop3d is 
spawned, then its either waiting for entropy for the APOP challenge, or 
you're getting bit by the old process accounting bug (unfortunately I 
can't remember exactly how this bug manifested itself or when it was fixed).

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