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Andrzej Filip anfi at
Mon May 3 00:38:54 EDT 2004

Dwight Tovey wrote:

 > Andrzej Filip said:
 >> Use virtusertable for non local email domains. Addming F=A to
 >> cyrusv2d
 >> will not help because error mailer is selected for non existing cyrus
 >> accounts.
 >> *.mc file:
 >> F{virtHost}/etc/mail/virtual-domains

I have made a typing mistake. The correct version is below:


 >> /etc/mail/virtual-domains file:
 >> dtovey.local
 >> virtusertable file (use makemap to compile it):
 >> mylist at dtovey.local  mylist
 > Already tried this.  Didn't help.
 >> Use the command below to trace virtusertable lookups:
 >> echo '3,0 listname at virtdomain' | sendmail -bt -d60.1
 > ADDRESS TEST MODE (ruleset 3 NOT automatically invoked)
 > Enter <ruleset> <address>
 > This looks to me like it's hitting the mailertable first, and when mrs
 > returns the error, sendmail quits without even trying the alias or
 > virtuser tables.  In order for the listserver software to work, I need
 > the
 > address to be looked up in the alias file and passed through the
 > program that is specified there.
 > Is there a way to specify the sequence of the lookups and get it to go
 > through aliases first?

Is dtovey.local domain listed in $={VirtHost} ?

echo '$={VirtHost}' | sendmail -bt

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