[exim[ LMTP callouts

Andrzej Filip anfi at priv.onet.pl
Mon May 10 16:24:47 EDT 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:
> Andrzej Filip wrote:
>> 1) Is it possible to make exim verify existence of Cyrus mailboxes via 
>> LMTP callouts ? [something like already implemented SMTP callouts]
>> Exim can verify sender/recipient addresses by issuing "RCPT TO:" in 
>> special SMTP session.
>> [ I have already asked similar question in exim-users at exim.org ]
>> 2) Would such recipient verification procedure create any problems for 
>> cyrus ?
> I think the easiest way for any MTA to verify the existence of Cyrus 
> mailboxes via LMTP is for the MTA to issue the VRFY command to lmtpd. 
> This currently isn't implemented in lmtpd, but it would take me about 5 
> minutes to do so.  The special "map" protocols that Sendmail and Postfix 
> use are nice, but they are overkill for verifying Cyrus mailboxes.

Could you implement VRFY ?

I would like to use it in custom "socket map" first and directly in exim 
callouts later.

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