Cannot log into cyrus using IMAP

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Mon May 10 16:26:13 EDT 2004

Am Montag, 10. Mai 2004 21:50 schrieb Eric B.:

> Thanks Andreas.  Your explanations were definitely helpful, but
> unforunately, I am still having troubles....  I have a feeling the
> cyrus-imapd wasn't compiled with the correct flags, but I can't tell what
> is missing.  I have detailed more (including a log snippet) below.
> > The Cyrus-SASL-Library uses the auxprop-plugin sasldb and this one does
> the
> > handling of /etc/sasldb2.
> Do I have to specify the sasldb on the auxprop-plug line of the
> /etc/imapd.conf file?

The default if you do not specify an auxprop_plugin, is to scan the 
Plugin-Directory and try all of them, one after another. Under normal 
conditions there is only the sasldb-plugin in the directory so you need not 
the Option. But if there are some others you should specify the wished 

> Originally, I just had /usr/lib/sasl2/libsql.a library installed in the
> plugin directory.  Once I added  /usr/lib/sasl2/, .so*, I get a
> bunch of error msgs when starting cyrus-imapd that SQL engine 'mysql' is
> not supported:

> May 10 15:05:35 linuxmail imap[2508]: SQL engine 'mysql' not supported
> May 10 15:05:35 linuxmail imap[2508]: auxpropfunc error no mechanism
> available

> Now, I am sure I compiled Cyrus-SASL with the --enable-sql flag, so I'm
> assuming that's what generated the libsql* files.  However, I didn't see

There are two possible plugins inserted in the sql-plugin. One is PostgreSQL 
and one is mysql. You should add an configure-option "--with-mysql=/path" to 
say configure which one should be used. The Path depends on your setup. One 
is the Include-Path one the Lib-Path. If your Include-Path is "/usr/include/
mysql" and the Lib-Path "/usr/lib/mysql", so add "--with-mysql=/usr".

> the same flag available for the Cyrus-Imapd pkg.  Did I overlook something
> in the configuration docs?  I've read thru the docs and even the
> configure --help options and don't see anything anywhere relating to mysql.
> Is there an extra flag that it needs to be compiled with as well?  I

This is only sasl-related. Cyrus-Imapd does not no anything about mysql. It 
should only use libsasl2.*, nothing else.

> > a.) Yes. Or you set:
> > pwcheck_method: auxprop saslauthd
> > Then both will be used.
> I assume it will just use each authentication method in order until it
> succeeds?  What if a user name with a different p/w is found using the
> first authen method, does it fail at that point, or continue until all
> possiblities have been exhausted?

Hmm, if one fails it tries another.

> I guess the last point that I am quite confuse here is why I am being
> prompted for a password twice when I try to login with cyradm.  The first
> one is the "password" and the second is the "IMAP password".  From what I
> can tell, the "IMAP password" is successfully validated against the mysql
> DB, but it is the first "password" prompt that is failing, and therefore
> not allowing my access.   What is that first password challenge verifying
> against?  From what I can tell, it is the first challenge that is producing
> the "perl: No worthy mechs found".

Try to specify the Mech at your cyradm-command.

# cyradm --user cyrus --auth login localhost


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