domain stripping in virtual domain addresses [SOLVED]

Carl Brewer carl at
Sat May 8 22:04:20 EDT 2004

Chris Harms wrote:

>> FEATURE(virtusertable, hash /etc/mail/virtusertable)dnl
>> VIRTUSER_DOMAIN_FILE(`/etc/mail/virthosts')dnl

> Thanks for responding.  I did end up making that change, however I had 
> complicated things by adding the domain to the local-host-names file to 
> get rid of another error, which was obviously a no-no.  I was getting 
> some relaying_denied errors until adding:
> To:domain.tld     RELAY
> to access db
> I'm afraid to do
> domain.tld   RELAY
> as I have a hunch that puts me at risk for being a spam relay.  If 
> someone has better advice on that, please inform.

That's where the virtuserdomain file helps.  I have my virtual domains
listed in that and in access :

To:my.domain	RELAY

The "to" directive is pretty handy :)

> Thanks for the help,
> Chris
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