Mailbox aliases on cyrus

Ghislain ADNET gadnet at
Sun May 9 14:17:03 EDT 2004


  I have setup mailoxes for my server like this :


  This way Mozilla automaticaly use the right folder so it helps a lot. 
My main concern with this setup is when i want to sent direct mail to 
one of those. For exemple if i put for Sent the "p" right and then send 
to username+Sent it goes to username because it search for username+sent 
(With lower case S). But if you name the directory in lowercase then 
mozilla do not automaticaly recognize them.

   I wanted to know if there is a way to have a mailbox alias, for 
exemple making "Sent" a symbolic link to "sent". As Cyrus is a blackbox 
i fear to create strange behavior doing that. Any of you had some 
experiences with this ?

best regards,

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