complett relocation from old to new server and cyrus version

Pascal Gienger Pascal.Gienger at
Wed May 12 04:49:18 EDT 2004

"Hans M. Schleidt" <hans.schleidt at> wrote:

> Hi.
> I hat to rebuild a new server with fully new cyrus. Now i must bring the
> old  messages to the new cyrus. Only copy get wrong.
> What are the goals to do that? Wich files (mailboxes.db, cyrus.cache,
> cyrus.header, and so on) shout i bring it to the new system?

1. Dump your mailboxes-Database on the old system:
   ctl_mboxlist -d > mailboxes.dump
   Copy the resulting "mailboxes.dump" to the new server.

2. Copy the imap mail store 1:1 to the new server:
   example (here on both machines, the store is in /var/spool/imap,
   the target directory must exist and be writable by the cyrus user):

   cd /var/spool/imap
   tar cvpf - . | ssh cyrus at newserver "cd /var/spool/imap; tar xpf -"

3. Copy the following directories to the new system
   (do it like you have done with your mail store):

   - Sieve            (e.g. /var/imap/sieve)
   - Quotas           (e.g. /var/imap/quota)
   - Seen/Subscribed  (e.g. /var/imap/user)

   Warning! This will work only if your new cyrus system uses the
   same database backends as the old one!

   Losing the databases results in the following:

   - Quotas: The user will not have any quota restriction anymore.
   - Seen/Sub: The user will not see which messages are marked
     "read" nor it will now which mailboxes he was subscribed to.

4. Reconstruct a new mailboxes-Database on the new system:
   ctl_mboxlist -u < mailboxes.dump

5. Run reconstruct on the new system.
   reconstruct -f

6. When used quotas on the old system, run on the new one:
   quota -f

7. Tricky part: SASL user database
   When sasldb was used, then:
   If your new sasl lib uses the same database backend as the old one, you 
may simply copy
   your old sasldb to the new server when these conditions are met:

   - Your realm is the same as on the old server.
   - The database backend is the same

   You may still set the same realm/imap server name as the old one in your 

   If your IMAP realm is your hostname or your sasl database backend is 
another one, you
   must use a program to dump the contents of the old sasldb. As passwords 
are stored in clear-
   text it is not very difficult to accomplish that.

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