Mysterious "hangs" and multiple messages.

lst_hoe01 at lst_hoe01 at
Wed May 12 05:44:25 EDT 2004

Zitat von Anders Norrbring <anders at>:

> I've noticed a weird problem lately. It often happens when one of my
> accounts contains 200+ messages.
> I use POP3 access to this account, and when I poll mail, it "hangs" at some
> point and after a minute or two it continues the download of messages.
> At the next poll round, it's the same story, none of the messages on the
> server are deleted and everything is downloaded once again.
> My Cyrus-IMAP is version 2.1.15

Tested with different POP3 clients???
Sometimes mailclients choking on malformed messages at POP3 download.


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