sieve script breaks mail delivery

Chris Harms chris at
Wed May 12 18:36:22 EDT 2004

hello all,

I have a mailbox that needs to store it's messages and forward a copy on 
to an external address.  my test of this procedure on 2.1.15 works fine 
using Squirrelmail's avelsieve plugin/editor.  However, uploading the 
same filter to the new server (2.2.3) breaks mail delivery completely 
and yields the following:

stat=Deferred: 451 lmtpd: didn't exec() sendmail?!

the spawned lmtp process then runs away taking as much CPU as possible 
and has to be killed manually.

remove the filter and back to normal (don't have to kill master).  Just 
wondering if anyone has seen this behavior before.

server is Cyrus 2.2.3 with MySQL plugin, Sendmail  and virtdomains on.


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