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Mon May 17 02:19:50 EDT 2004

On Sun, 16 May 2004, Michael Menefee wrote:

> I know this question has probably been asked in many forms and flavors, but
> I have yet to find a concise answer. I am trying to run Cyrus-Imap with
> OpenLDAP (part of the Bynari Site Server installation ( and
> Samba. The goal is to replace Exchange Server, without replacing the
> underlying NT Domain architecture (configuring samba as a member server
> only).
> I know this is possible, and have seen some documentation about saslauthd
> and openldap, but have yet to see a clear-cut answer to this question. Maybe
> someone has a better alternative using Cyrus-IMAP, OpenLDAP and
> authenticating users against NT in some other manner. Any suggestions are
> greatly appreciated
You need to read up the new samba book. It really is amazing.

as well you must read the latest cvs copy of the smbldap-tools from

Both of these documents explain using ldap with samba on almost every

Also Lauzly Price has started an integration of samba-domain controlled
into ispman(, which is a cpanel type of admin tool that
configures ldap,cyrus,postfix,pure-ftpd,apache,bind .

The cyrus list may not provide the information you need, but the previous
links will get you going.
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