mail server replication

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at
Sun May 23 06:12:37 EDT 2004


Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> drbd in combination with "heartbeat" and a journalling filesystem can 
> do exactly this. You can have Cyrus IMAP running on both servers 
> (different users), with the Cyrus storage areas mirrored to the other 
> server via drbd. When heartbeat notices that one of the servers has 
> died, it can mount the other server's storage area (since it has a 
> copy) and start up Cyrus (and take over the other server's IP address 
> as well, of course).
> Users would notice a service disruption, but it's not likely any mail 
> would be lost and they would only have to reconnect. If their mail 
> client is set to only connect/check their mailboxes every few minutes, 
> they may not notice the switchover at all :-)

Hmm, but this solution is only limited to linux (and if I'm correct only 
suitable for 2.4 kernels yet - I'm not sure about any developments, they 
talk about 2.5 on their website so it seems outdated as well).
I would rather have Cyrus do this master-slave replication thing than 
doing this on the filesystem level. (Cyrus could for instance keep track 
of every change that is done on a specific spool-dir/partition, and have 
a slave act on that information...)


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