Problem w/ 2.2.4 and unixhierarchysep: yes

AJ aj at
Sun May 23 16:47:58 EDT 2004

Redhat 7.3 and EXT3 here too, also switching back to 2.2.3 fixed it.


Simon Matter wrote:

 >>On Sun, 23 May 2004, Simon Matter wrote:
 >>>I have just finished rebuilding my 2.2.4 rpms and I've got the same
 >>>problem on my own server where I tested the build. I was able to access
 >>>some folders but some others didn't work.
 >>Was there anything consistant about these folders (specifically, did they
 >>have quotas associated with them)?
 >>Sadly, the backtrace you provided doesn't appear to be valid (why does
 >>strcpy() call strcpy() and then call shut_down()?
 > Hm, I think this one is correct. Sorry for the noise.

Hmm, the backtrace doesn't seem to show anything obvious, but your
strace looks like is crashes right after a close().  I've been running
this code since I wrote it (January?) without any problems on my RH9/XFS
   box.  I'm wondering if this is some weird filesystem issue.  What
filesystem(s) are you using?
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