Not seeing sub-folders when migrating/upgrading

Jim Levie jim at
Sun May 23 13:30:43 EDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 16:51, Andrew Davis wrote:
> Hello? Can anyone help me with the problem listed below?
> Andrew Davis wrote:
> > I am migrating from an older cyrus-imapd/postfix/webcyradm/squirrelmail 
> > solution on RH 7.3 to a new one with new versions of each on Fedora Core 
> > 1. All is setup and working fine with the exception of one problem:
> > 
> > On my old box I have a user called 'link0033'. For testing, I created 
> > this same user on my new box with the same password. On the old system, 
> > I tar'd up the user's directory, copied it to my new box, and untar'd 
> > it. I set the appropriate permissions, then logged in 'link0033' on my 
> > new box via Squirrelmail. The problem is I only see the Inbox, Drafts, 
> > Sent, and Trash folders. The good news is that each has mail in it as 
> > they should. The bad news is that on my old box, I had created 
> > sub-folders of Work and Personal. Each has mail in it on the old server. 
> > When I log in via Squirrelmail, I don't see these folders. However, at 
> > the command line I can see them, see they have the permissions, and see 
> > the content within them.
> > 
In the transfer of data from the old server you missed a step, namely
the dumping of the mailboxes db on the old server and loading it on the
new server. Without that DB on the new server Cyrus doesn't know about
your other mail folders.

It worked for Squirrel mail because when it opened your inbox it didn't
see Drafts, Sent, & Trash and created them. Cyrus was smart enough to
realize that the directories were already present and simply made their
content available.

You can fix your test account by noting what folders (and possible
subfolders) are present by a directory listing of the link0033 Cyrus
INBOX and then doing a 'cm user.link0033.folder'. When you've done that
for all folders follow it with a 'reconstruct -r user.link0033'.

Depending on the client and how it is set up you may need to subscribe
to all of the folders again.
The instructions said to use Windows 98 or better, so I installed

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