Not seeing sub-folders when migrating/upgrading

Andrew Davis andrew at
Sat May 22 02:07:40 EDT 2004

I am migrating from an older cyrus-imapd/postfix/webcyradm/squirrelmail 
solution on RH 7.3 to a new one with new versions of each on Fedora Core 
1. All is setup and working fine with the exception of one problem:

On my old box I have a user called 'link0033'. For testing, I created 
this same user on my new box with the same password. On the old system, 
I tar'd up the user's directory, copied it to my new box, and untar'd 
it. I set the appropriate permissions, then logged in 'link0033' on my 
new box via Squirrelmail. The problem is I only see the Inbox, Drafts, 
Sent, and Trash folders. The good news is that each has mail in it as 
they should. The bad news is that on my old box, I had created 
sub-folders of Work and Personal. Each has mail in it on the old server. 
When I log in via Squirrelmail, I don't see these folders. However, at 
the command line I can see them, see they have the permissions, and see 
the content within them.

For kicks, I used the cyradm program as another test with:

cyradm --user link0001 --server localhost --auth plain

Once in, I did an "lm" and I only see the Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Trash 
folders. So I now have two different programs with the same results. 
This is pointing me at a cyrus issue.

Interestingly, on my new server, I was able to move the Personal folder 
via the command line, go to Squirrelmail -> and create a new Personal 
folder, then delete it at the command line and move the original back. 
When I log back into Squirrelmail, I can see the Personal folder *and* 
the contents of it that were brought over from my old server.

So, is there something I need to be passing as a flag to cyrus? Perhaps 
a build option I should have used? My new system has cyrus-imapd-2.2.4. 
My older system has 2.1.12. Did something change between versions that's 
to blame? Is there a patch or tool I can use?

Thanks in advance,
   Andrew Davis
   North County Computers

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