Not seeing sub-folders when migrating/upgrading

Andrew Davis andrew at
Sun May 23 23:42:25 EDT 2004

No... they don't. I covered that in my post to the list.


Patrick Welche wrote:
> On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 02:51:46PM -0700, Andrew Davis wrote:
>>Hello? Can anyone help me with the problem listed below?
> In squirrelmail, if you go to "Folders", do your Personal and Work
> folders appear in the column above the "Subscribe" button? If they
> do, subscribe to them!
> Cheers,
> Patrick
>>Andrew Davis wrote:
>>>I am migrating from an older cyrus-imapd/postfix/webcyradm/squirrelmail 
>>>solution on RH 7.3 to a new one with new versions of each on Fedora Core 
>>>1. All is setup and working fine with the exception of one problem:
>>>On my old box I have a user called 'link0033'. For testing, I created 
>>>this same user on my new box with the same password. On the old system, 
>>>I tar'd up the user's directory, copied it to my new box, and untar'd 
>>>it. I set the appropriate permissions, then logged in 'link0033' on my 
>>>new box via Squirrelmail. The problem is I only see the Inbox, Drafts, 
>>>Sent, and Trash folders. The good news is that each has mail in it as 
>>>they should. The bad news is that on my old box, I had created 
>>>sub-folders of Work and Personal. Each has mail in it on the old server. 
>>>When I log in via Squirrelmail, I don't see these folders. However, at 
>>>the command line I can see them, see they have the permissions, and see 
>>>the content within them.
>>>For kicks, I used the cyradm program as another test with:
>>>cyradm --user link0001 --server localhost --auth plain
>>>Once in, I did an "lm" and I only see the Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Trash 
>>>folders. So I now have two different programs with the same results. 
>>>This is pointing me at a cyrus issue.
>>>Interestingly, on my new server, I was able to move the Personal folder 
>>>via the command line, go to Squirrelmail -> and create a new Personal 
>>>folder, then delete it at the command line and move the original back. 
>>>When I log back into Squirrelmail, I can see the Personal folder *and* 
>>>the contents of it that were brought over from my old server.
>>>So, is there something I need to be passing as a flag to cyrus? Perhaps 
>>>a build option I should have used? My new system has cyrus-imapd-2.2.4. 
>>>My older system has 2.1.12. Did something change between versions that's 
>>>to blame? Is there a patch or tool I can use?

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