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Jared Watkins jared at
Sat May 22 10:16:21 EDT 2004

I know there have been several questions lately about a better way to 
manage cyrus...  I've been working on something for a while for my own 
use... Right now it is strongly tied to ldap... though it may be 
possible to abstract the user database to use ldap or sql... I've not 
written it that way so it's hard to say how difficult that would be.

I have some screen shots up that show most of what you can do with 
it...   I'd be interested on getting some feedback.  It is written in 
php and I've integrated management for my SquirrelMail plugin 
amavisnewsql as well.  Take a look...  The mailstore.png image shows 
most of what you can do cyrus related... if you click on folder names 
you can manage ACL info for that folder. 

This is a usable admin tool for me and our help desk staff...  but it is 
still undergoing active development of features.. and lots of clean up 
and visual enhancement.  This was based on a few previous tools that 
were around pre-registerglobals..  and the way some things are done 
needs to be changed.

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