Cyrus HA Scalable Solution? Rsync

Kevin Baker kbaker at
Tue May 25 18:59:17 EDT 2004

A number of servers with network storage would be ideal.

Unfortunately the initial rollout will require the use of
cheap managed hosting boxes. So we'll be restricted to
local drives.

I guess the hope is to develop a sort of *standard* way to
handle a highly scalable solution with failover with these
inexpensive racks.

The only real missing piece is the replication to a
failover server.

There seem to be a number of solutions at:

The question is of course what will work best.


> On Tue, 25 May 2004, Michael Loftis wrote:
>> --On Tuesday, May 25, 2004 14:39 -0700 Kevin Baker
>> <kbaker at>
>> wrote:
>> > Thought? This is obviously just a sketch... but I
>> haven't
>> > seen a this done before as far as the failover
>> solution
>> > with rsync and thought it might work pretty well.
>> rsync sucks for large numbers of files/directories.  It
>> has to build an
>> in-memory tree before it even starts syncing.
>> what would be 'nice' to see is something built inside of
>> cyrus to handle
>> multiple backends but that's a pretty complicated bit of
>> beast.  (no i'm
>> not volunteering ;) )
> There has been some discussion lately about software
> solutions to provide
> redundancy, but what about buying redundant hardware?
> This may be cheaper
> and more reliable in the long run anyways.
> It is not hard to find fully redandunt disk arrays
> (usually in the context
> of SANs, but a full SAN environment is not required).  A
> few examples I've
> come across: Sun T3 Enterprise Pairs, Dell/EMC
> Cx300/500/700.
> That pushes the point of failure out to the server (or
> backend server in a
> Murder configuration).  If a server fails for some reason,
> you could have
> a backup server available (also in the SAN, or manually
> connected at the
> time of failure) that mounts the Cyrus partition and
> carries on.
> An additional benefit is that these higher end disk arrays
> also typically
> have much better performance.
> With all of that said, I'm currently running 35,000
> mailboxes on a single
> Dell 2650 with an external SCSI disk array configured as
> RAID 0+1
> (stripe/mirror).  Mail relaying is handled by separate
> servers, so all
> this box does is IMAP and LMTP delivery.
> We use Sun's T3 Enterprise Pairs for user home directories
> and have been
> very happy with the performance and reliability (in
> conjunction with
> Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas File System).  However,
> the Dell/EMC
> solutions are much cheaper and appear to offer the same
> levels of
> reliability.
> 	Andy
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