Corrupt inbox, related to size?

Jim Levie jim at
Wed May 26 18:28:16 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 12:23, Kevin Baker wrote:
> I had to reconstruct my first cyrus user inbox today.
> I have to say it makes me a bit nervous. We are running
> Postfix+Cyrus+LDAP with about 500 user, pretty good
> traffic, on 512Ram Raid1.
> This particular user had about 1000 messages in her inbox.
> It was fine after I ran reconstruct, but this is very
> inconvient as I need to take down cyrus during the
> process.
> Does anyone have ideas as to what would cause this. Could
> it be related to the number of messages in her inbox?
Not likely... I've seen this from time to time with ever version of
Cyrus that I've used. The only common thread that I've observed has been
that the mailboxes that need a reconstruct always seem to be accessed
via POP. And in most cases a check with the user has revealed that
his/her client aborted, was killed or they rebooted the system because
something was hung, misbehaving, etc. Oh yeah, so far it has always been
a windows user. Go figure...

In the general case it isn't necessary to take the Cyrus server down
just to reconstruct a single mailbox, I don't and nothing bad has ever
The instructions said to use Windows 98 or better, so I installed

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