Postfix and Cyrus-IMAP using virtdomains: userid and SQL

Psi-Jack psi-jack at
Wed May 26 14:05:47 EDT 2004

I'm trying to setup my postfix to use PgSQL lookups for virtual domains, 
and to deliver mail for virtual domains into Cyrus-IMAP.

My method is to use Cyrus-IMAP's virtdomains: userid option, so that 
Cyrus-IMAP uses it's built-in virtual-domains support and mailboxes that 
are accessable as username at

Now, does anyone know any ideas of how to actually get Postfix itself to 
actually /deliver/ mail to username at into Cyrus-IMAP, and what 
kind of SQL structures and lookups I'd need to do to actually fully 
accomplish this task?

I have my virtual_alias_maps pulling pgsql queries out and apparently 
looking up username at if it exists, and if so, returns that 
exact same username at It accepts mail for it, but when it gets 
beyond that, I get an error with postfix:

May 25 23:06:29 netgear postfix/error[37479]: DAAE117043: 
to=<user at>, relay=none, delay=1, status=bounced (User unknown 
in virtual alias table)

And so, it bounces it back after it's already accepted it.

Any ideas anyone?

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