cyr_expire hanging...

Craig Ringer craig at
Sun May 30 04:00:14 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-30 at 15:16, David Reid wrote:
> I'm running cyrus imap 2.2.3 and have just started experiencing some very
> strange events when cyr_expire runs. It seems to somehow get "hung" in some
> sort of loop and starts eating serious amounts of cpu and then disk space in
> the system and impd logfiles. This results in enormous logfiles and the
> resultant 108% of my /var partition soon causes problems!
> It's possible that cyr_expire isn't the cause, but the one common factor in
> all instances has been cyr_expire eating cpu. The log files aren't available
> as I need to delete them to restore the system to a functioning state :(
> Anyone come across this before or have any ideas about what might be causing
> it?

I had a similar issue - cyr_expire would hang indefinitely, causing
quite a few of them to be hanging around after a few days. It turned out
to be deliver db corruption as found by db_verify; nuking the deliver db
did the trick nicely as db_recover couldn't fix it.

Craig Ringer

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