HOWTO for system wide spamassassin system

Patrick Nelson pnelson at
Mon May 31 16:21:22 EDT 2004

FC1, cyrus-imapd v2.2.3, spamassassin v2.63

My imap system is working fine and spamassassin is working with it,
however, the bayesian side of learning spam is not setup.  I have a user
named spammy who has a home dir /home/spammy and spamassassin has put
all its files there.  But I'm wanting to have a more automated way to do
bayesian part of learning ham and spam from the existing mailboxes. 
Something like:

inbound spam
 -> postfix
  -> spamassassin 
   -> postfix
    -> cyrus-imap
     -> public spam folder


daily cron
 -> learn spam (adding it to the spammy bayesian db)
 -> learn ham

then maybe...

monthly cron
 -> clean out public spam or email reminding to clean

I have heard of a few different ways to do this but I was really wanting
to follow a step by step.  Does a HOWTO exist to incorporate
spamassassin into a cyrus-imap system to do bayesian learning at the
system level?

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