My sieve has too big holes?

Bryan Fullerton bjf at
Mon May 31 16:22:06 EDT 2004


I'm using:
FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p8

Generally, everything works. However, a small percentage of messages (~5%?) 
are not properly filtered by sieve and wind up in INBOX. This happens 
across all my users who have sieve rules setup, including me.

I first saw this problem with IMAPd v2.0.x, and migrated to 2.1.x this past 
weekend in hopes it was a bug - same problem. This makes me think perhaps 
it's not IMAPd related, but I'm hoping someone here might have worked 
around a similar problem.

I've heard rumours of a CRLF problem between postfix/amavis/cyrus, but 
haven't been able to find any specifics anywhere. I've been looking at my 
debug.log with CYRUS_VERBOSE set to 1 or 2 and nothing leaps out at me as 
being busted.

Anyone have any pointers?


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