Cyrus HA Scalable Solution? Rsync

Kevin Baker kbaker at
Wed Jun 9 12:50:02 EDT 2004

Thanks for you reply Jason.

Have you had any instances where you have needed the

Are you using IP takeover to the synced mailstore or just
using the rsync as a backup solution?

Rsync makes sense to me, but when I posted a few people
seems to say DRBD  was a better way to go. I think I'm
going to look into this too.

Thanks again.


> On 4:39:45 pm 05/25/04 "Kevin Baker"
> <kbaker at> wrote:
>> We are testing a number of email configurations for a
>> 10,000+ user-base. Was hoping to get some thoughts on
>> below:
>> - Postfix
>> - Cyrus-SASL
>> - Mysql Auth
>> We will likely start with 3 frontend servers and 3
>> backend
>> servers. Replicate MySQL across all servers auth,
>> maildrop
>> routing.
>> We were thinking of doing some sort of rysync of the
>> imap
>> mailstore across the backend servers. Then Heartbeat on
>> the backend servers with IP takeover to handle failover.
>> The hope is that if a server goes down the mailstore
>> will
>> be sync'ed up on the server that takes over.
>> Thought? This is obviously just a sketch... but I
>> haven't
>> seen a this done before as far as the failover solution
>> with rsync and thought it might work pretty well.
> I have been doing this with an 18 gig mailstore that uses
> maildirs. After
> the first sync I can run rsync every 5 minutes and it only
> takes 35-40
> seconds to complete, even if I move/delete a few thousand
> messages at a
> time.
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>  \__ jason at
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