Cyrus Lmtp vs Deliver

Kevin Baker kbaker at
Wed Jun 9 12:30:06 EDT 2004

Just posting this for a heads up. Not a question, just info.

We just switched from "Cyrus deliver" to "LMTP" transport.

from: mail_transport=cyrus
to: mail_transport=lmtp

Once we reached about 600 user we were having problems with:
- corrupt mailboxes (needed to be reconstructed)
- cyrus deliver program freezing (no new messages)

We switched to use LMTP for the Postfix transport. All of
our problems went away and the system performance has
improved noticeably.

Unfortunately, I never located the specific issues that
were causing our problems. This did fix it though.

I thought this might be helpful for others searching the
archives. "Just use lmtp"


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