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Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Jun 2 13:55:44 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Andrew J Caird wrote:

> Hello all,
>   We are planning on migrating a UW IMAP server to Cyrus IMAP (2.2.5), and
> I have some questions about client configuration; not exactly a Cyrus
> questions, but perhaps someone here has dealt with this before.
>   1. Apple's doesn't see the users' folders until the "IMAP
>      Prefix Path" is set in the configuration.  We'll migrate about 150
>      people who use this client, and even if we give instructions before
>      hand, this will generate 200 calls to the helpdesk on the Monday
>      after we do this.  Is there any way of having the server share this
>      information with this client, since the server certainly knows my
>      "IMAP Prefix Path"?  Or should this simply work and I've done
>      something wrong?

We decided after a week of user complaints to change to "altnamespace:
yes".  With that option set, you don't need to set the IMAP Prefix to
"INBOX." in the clients.  It also makes more sense to the users as well.


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